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Synchronizing Panel

Operating Method:

The synchronizing panel will operate on an automatic mains failure system,so that when the main supply is interrupted one or more phases or over / under voltage /frequency then the the generator will start up automatically.After the initial warm up period the generator will synchronized with each other by means of circuit breaker connect to common bus bar .

The load management system continuously monitor the system and equally load share each other.During low load demands the management system cut off one or more generator.

When mains return the synchronizing system monitor the mains voltage ,frequency,phase sequence etc.for some time .After monitoring all parameter of mains the system synchronized with the mains and smoothly transfer the load into mains and open all generator breakers.A cool down period will be followed after which the generator set will be shut down.

General Characteristics:

  • Three phase generator voltage control
  • Frequency control
  • Over load monitoring
  • Frequency/R.P.M monitoring
  • Reverse power monitoring
  • Forward power monitoring
  • Phase sequence monitoring
  • Load management
  • phase monitoring

Synchronizing Panel